Our Story

**Welcome to MCJ2 Vintage***

Here, every piece of jewelry tells a story. I'm Margie, a lifelong antique aficionado turned curator of unique, vintage jewelry. 

**From Passion to Profession:**

My career leap from the corporate world to a full-time vintage jewelry enthusiast was unexpected but serendipitous. Raising my four children opened a new chapter, where my personal collection became the foundation of my business – all thanks to the interest of women who admired and bought the jewelry I wore.

**Why Vintage?**

Each item in my shop is handpicked for its unique charm and history. Vintage jewelry isn't just about style; it's about sustainable luxury that lasts. My commitment to you is quality, affordability, and a personal touch in every piece you choose.

**New Beginnings:**

After years of exclusive by-appointment sales, I'm excited to share my collection with a broader audience. Discover pieces that resonate with your style and become a part of your own story.

**Join the Vintage Journey:**

Follow MCJ2Vintage on Instagram: @mcj2vintage for your daily dose of vintage elegance. Let's celebrate the timeless beauty of jewelry together!